Re-starting you

A 3 months journey to connect with your true self and inner power by building strong self-trust and indestructible self-esteem to live a life you love

Image by Amy Treasure

Are you wondering if there is a way to change your life that won’t make you feel like a broken item needing to be fixed? Something that instead, will make you feel energised and rejuvenated, empowered and centred? 

Image by Amy Treasure
Image by Mélanie THESE
Image by Mélanie THESE

Can you resonate with this?

You are a quiet, reserved, highly sensitive and empathic woman who needs time alone to recharge her energy, but who also loves to experience deep and meaningful connections with soul friends.


You struggle with uncomfortable emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, guilt and shame and you would like to find ways to cope with those emotions and release all that heaviness and confusion.


You feel your self-esteem and self-confidence are fragile and highly dependent on what happens in your life, especially on how other people treat you. 


You're tired of "making yourself small" and living as you are not enough, with the constant need of having to prove yourself to others. You want to feel respected and valued just  by being your kind and authentic self


You are ready to find the place you deserve, in your family, at work and in your private life.

You are tired of complicated and painful relationships. 


You want to find the courage to live the life you want, on your own terms, and by your own values 

Do you feel like this is holding you back from living a fulfilling life?

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It’s ok to feel this way, you don’t have to feel like a spoiled and ungrateful woman for wanting more in your life...


I know you can have a loving, supportive and compassionate relationship with yourself. 

It’s possible for you to have more love, understanding, compassion, support, connection, energy, joy and passion in your life without losing yourself in the process.


You can realise all those forgotten dreams just by being and owning your true self and using your introverted super powers!

Relationships with the people around you are like mirrors, if you feel something is not working in your life, the first place you want to look at is inside you.

By changing how you treat and see yourself you’ll be able to change all that is making you miserable and unhappy around you.

You will then attract more positive situations and people who love you and accept you for who you really are, who treat you with respect, who make you feel seen and valued and are willing to grow with you.

Image by Thomas Despeyroux
Image by Daiga Ellaby
Image by Daiga Ellaby

I’ve been there and I get it, this is why over the years, fueled by my interest in spirituality and life coaching techniques, mixed with the desire of improving my own life,  I've developed a framework collecting all the practices and activities that will have you started in developing a deep relationship with yourself. 

I’m an intuitive well-being life coach and my job is to hold a safe space for you, hold you accountable and allow yourself to express what needs to be expressed, without judgement. I will guide you through this journey with compassion and understanding. 


Have you ever heard about the metaphor of filling your own cup first in order to fully and unconditionally be loved and love others? This is exactly the core of my work.

"Laura listens patiently and uses her bag of tools to select the right one to get you focused, back on track and aware of the important things in life including your feelings, emotions and wellbeing. Her gentle style allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to share personal experiences, free from judgement and with the ability to pick out gems from the muddy waters. I appreciated the pre-session questionnaire which realigned me to a place of gratitude ready for our sessions together. She clearly knows her stuff and puts in a lot of work to help me, as the client, feel a sense of transformation."

Natasha B.

When I work with clients, I use a variety of coaching tools and other modalities like energy healing, meditation, journaling, visualisations, empowering questions…


I like to build a high vibe, motivating, encouraging environment, where you feel supported and safe while you work through your emotions, your story, your habits and thought patterns and build a strong foundation made of self-awareness and self-love.

“Laura is a very patient and open-minded coach who makes me feel comfortable and at ease. She is very easy to talk to but also asks challenging questions which have helped me on my journey. Laura has provided me with plenty of ideas to create my own wellbeing routine.”

Rebecca P.

When we work in this program together, you will be able to: 

  • Get clear on who you are, what you want, what you stand for and why

  • Get clarity on your vision for your future and your purpose, what makes your life meaningful

  • Explore your histories of childhood love and dependency, own your story and release any negative attachments and uncomfortable emotions you may have that are holding you back like an anchor is keeping a boat from moving forward. This will make you feel freer and lighter.

  • Learn how to recognise, process and cope with your emotions and with stress, by holding space for yourself and forgiving yourself 

  • Learn how to create your supportive and soothing daily rituals to boost your self-esteem (BODY - MIND - SPIRIT). 

  • Recover your passion and motivation in life 

  • Know and put in place your healthy boundaries so that you will be able to protect your life energy, you will feel less stressed, others will respect your needs

  • Connect to your energetic system, inner power and self-worth so that you’ll build your life on strong foundations and you won’t need other people’s validation

“Laura is an incredibly genuine and supportive coach who really listened to me and made me feel understood. She has helped me to rebuild my confidence and sense of self-worth by challenging my self-limiting beliefs and providing strategies to improve my mindset and combat my imposter syndrome. A session with Laura is like chatting to a true friend and her passion for helping women to be their best selves really shines through. I would recommend Laura to anyone who is looking to rediscover their identity and reconnect with themselves with compassion and love.”

Melissa S.

This journey is all about self-awareness, permission, a new vision and kind actions

Are you ready to start? 


The registration to the program costs 725 £ paid in a single instalment* 


This program is highly customised to your needs, we’ll work together for 3 months and it includes:

  • Bi-weekly sessions (90 minutes per session) 

  • In-between interaction with me on Whatsapp if you have questions or you feel stuck, demotivated.

  • 3 workbooks

  • Pre-session reflections journaling prompts

  • A playlist of useful and soothing guided meditations that I’ve curated personally for my clients

  • One Trello board where we’ll connect and you’ll able to find our coaching notes and track where you are on your journey

  • BONUS a Reiki healing session I will perform remotely

*Payment is in GBP, if your use a different currency, please check for today’s conversion rates here


Image by Victoria Sereda