The energetic support kit for introverted women

20 ideas to feel more energised + high energy journaling prompts to feel centred again!

Image by rocknwool

I want to live in a world where all introverted, highly sensitive women know how to take care of themselves no matter the situation they are in. Where all these women can feel supported, guided and uplifted, especially during times of crisis, stress, anxiety, mental breakdown, loneliness, negativity, low energy...


It breaks my heart when I see women in this kind of situations, just pushing through, trying to survive, and often just feeling worse or delaying the recovery, instead of taking responsibility for their own wellbeing, facing their struggles, but at the same time, making time for self-care and re-energising their bodies, minds and souls.


I want you to feel supported all the times. I want you to have tools, practices, habits that can support you when everything goes well but even more when everything is a mess.

I want you to feel your energy levels and to know how to give yourself an energy boost whenever you need it!


So, I’ve created a short e-book that collects 20 self-care ideas to inspire you, that you can try and implement immediately and a list of journaling prompts to help you shift your energy.

You can use this as a tool to build your own self-care supportive rituals or you can just follow along with my list choosing what feels good right now.


Right now, I want you to click on the button below to get your free copy and start implementing the ideas that most resonate with you and then let me know how it goes by connecting with me here

​With all my love and blessings,