Do you feel like something isn't quite right in your life?


Are you wondering if you are on the right path and feel a little bit stuck in your life? 


Would you need a quick energy boost to get you unstuck right now?

I've created this deep dive 2 hours A New Vision Life audit to help you see clearly where you are right now, be honest with yourself by seeing the lessons available to you, and finally, start to open up to new possibilities and feel renewed and refreshed.

It includes:

Distance Reiki energy healing

 To shift any sluggish and stagnant energy you may be holding on to


2 hours deep dive coaching session on Zoom

 To raise your awareness and see your current situation more clearly


Next steps action plan

To see clearly the path in front of you and  open up to what’s possible for you

This deep dive session with me costs £ 143*

*Payment is in GBP, if your use a different currency, please check for today’s conversion rates here

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