Holistic life coaching for highly sensitive, empathic, introverted women, for healthy and happy relationships starting with their inner power, emotional healing and self-esteem. 

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I'm Laura, wellbeing life coach and Reiki healer, with a passion for spiritual growth, holistic and energetic wellbeing, nature, creativity, oracle cards and crystals. I mix all my knowledge and passions to help you find and know yourself better, have more awareness for your self-esteem and love for yourself. As an introverted, empathic, extremely sensitive and very intuitive woman, I know how important it is to accept yourself, loving and treating yourself with compassion. This is the foundation upon which we build all other areas of our life (relationships, career, friendships, family...)

I personally believe that the famous motto "time heals all wounds" is superficial and inaccurate. Who heals your wounds are you: with your efforts, courage, awareness and love when you find the strength to get up after a fall. If you wait for time to heal your wounds, then you are ignoring the truth.

ith my work I want to help introverted and empathic women to find themselves and their centre when they feel lost, to reconnect with their inner power and self-esteem when they feel insecure and are not getting the results that they deserve.

“When I'm trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.”
― Shakti Gawain

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Laura's gift is to be able to see our best part, that special something that sleeps hidden in each of us. We still don't see it, but our potential is already there, ready to sprout and blossom in all its beauty. Laura did this for me, helped me pull out the weeds of my garden, my insecurities, my fake limitations, and taught me to water it with love, compassion and trust. She supported me in the dark moments, those moments when you doubt your abilities and would like to give up everything, and she celebrated my successes with me, revealing herself not only as a good coach but a trusted friend. She accompanied me by the hand on a path of growth that made me a better person, not a different person, but the person I want to be. Thanks, Laura!


I started doing sessions with Laura a few months ago and I benefited greatly from it right away! Laura is easy-going, she knows how to listen and gives good advice and her great passion for life coaching shines through in every session. Laura has followed me step by step not only with video calls but also sends personalized resources such as readings and videos so that between one session and another I can reflect, learn and focus on aspects on which I need to improve. My mood has definitely improved since I started this journey with Laura and I recommend her without a doubt!


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